21 Aug 2011


    In an interaction between the individual with others, whether others will accept or reject, how they want others to know about them will be determined by how individuals in expressing themselves. Self-disclosure is the process of presenting themselves embodied in the activities to share feelings and information with others (Wrightsman, 1987).
   According to Morton (in Sears, et al., 1989) self-disclosure is an activity to share intimate feelings and information with others. Information in this self-disclosure is descriptive or evaluative. Deskniptif means individuals portray the facts about yourself that may not be known by listeners like, occupation, address and age. While the evaluative meaning individuals to express opinions or personal feelings such as the type of person who liked or things that are disliked or hated.

Contribution of Psychology to Education

Contribution of Psychology to Education

There was no denying that the field of psychology has long been used as a cornerstone of education in development theory and practice of education and has contributed greatly to education, including the development of curriculum, learning and assessment system.

1. Contributions to the Educational Psychology Curriculum Development.

Review of educational psychology in relation to curriculum development, especially with regard to understanding aspects of behavior in the context of teaching and learning. Apart from the various schools of psychology that characterizes education, in essence, a psychological study gives attention to how the new input, process and out of education can be run by not ignoring aspects of behavior and personality of the learner.

18 Aug 2011

Traffic Building Tips For Affiliate Marketers

If you aren't participating in some kind of Affiliate Promoting program, you actually are missing out on the endless prospects of residual income. It's those endless potentialities, but, that make the most important problem when its time to sort through the hundreds of thousands of Web opportunities and e-books. If you're not careful, rather than finding valid opportunities and helpful e-books, what you may finish up with are scams. If you jump in without a keen eye, or if you act too quickly, on those "one-time-supply" schemes, you could finish up investing unnecessary greenbacks to programs that either do not work or that don't do anything you couldn't have done yourself for free.

4 Aug 2011

Radio Commercial Scripts - Advertising

It has been said a hundred times before that if you do something you love for a living, you will never work a day in your life. If you so lucky as to be able to be in this position, you will have a far easier time advertising your business than others. Passion for what you do cannot be bought or faked in a Radio Commercial Script. When you believe in something, the advertising for it comes naturally. You know what the benefits to the consumer are because in effect, you are a consumer yourself.

What Dog Food Is Best?

For today's dog owners 'What dog food is best' seems to be the hot topic and the most popular answer seems to be homemade recipes for dog food. In my opinion homemade recipes should be the most popular. In my house it's the only answer to the question. I've tried a lot of things over the decades and doing it myself has been far superior in every way to any other solution. I haven't had a single reason to consider trying anything else and I make it a point to stay on top of these things.

Spiritual Counseling - Kundalini Syndrome and Pranic Energy

The ancient Sanskrit word for "vital energy" is prana. It begins to be unleashed into the body from the portal of the root chakra during a Kundalini awakening. Prior to this, the Kundalini remains dormant and coiled precisely three and one half times around the base of the spine. Accompanying the release of the prana, dramatic shifts in consciousness and psychological upheavals will occur in the initiate. A wide array of symptoms are associated with a Kundalini awakening. This is known as "Kundalini syndrome."

A New Perspective on Being "Born Again"

The presence of the kingdom of God is clearly all around us - we can see signs of the Creator in His animals and His plants, and in the stars and the clouds moving through the sky. If we really look, we can see His work everywhere. Scripture tells us that the kingdom of God is within us, too. (Luke 17:21)

1 Aug 2011

Palembang Located Near South China Sea

Palembang located on the southern most rim of the South China Sea, close to one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes linking the Far East with Europe, the regions historical background is rich and colourful.

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