4 Aug 2011

Radio Commercial Scripts - Advertising

It has been said a hundred times before that if you do something you love for a living, you will never work a day in your life. If you so lucky as to be able to be in this position, you will have a far easier time advertising your business than others. Passion for what you do cannot be bought or faked in a Radio Commercial Script. When you believe in something, the advertising for it comes naturally. You know what the benefits to the consumer are because in effect, you are a consumer yourself.

Writing Radio Commercials Scripts or whatever advertising medium should be done from the consumer standpoint. They don't care how long you have been in business, or that you are tops in customer service and satisfaction. They want to be treated as if they are your only customer. When you go to create your Radio Commercial Script, jot down the top five benefits for the consumer, and see if you can't craft an ad around those benefits.Present the benefits in such a way that they have not been heard before, something that is surprising and effective. For example, instead of saying that your product is safe and effective to use on children, say that while it is not guaranteed to not turn them into toads, it will is guaranteed to heal their scrapes and bruises or their money back. Got your attention, right? This is exactly what you need from the consumer...their attention for the length of your Radio Commercial Script. Consumers are bombarded every day with thousands of messages, many of which they have stopped hearing and to which they have become impervious. They tune out that which they hear on a daily basis, and only stop to listen when it is so out of the ordinary, such as no guarantee of not turning their kids into toads.
It may seem silly or absurd, but that is what grabs the attention of the beleaguered buyer. While not easy to do, it is far more efficient and effective if you know and love the benefits of your own product or service. Another example is instead of saying your carpet cleaning service will make their carpet smell any way they want it to by adding special scents if desired.
Another tip is to get a voice over artist for your Radio Commercial Script that goes against type. How many people were expecting a gecko with a British accent for a popular insurance commercial? That has been a hallmark of that particular agency, one which sent sales soaring. If you are thinking of a middle aged man for a particular spot, how would it sound with an old lady?
Advertise something you love in a manner that catches consumer attention, and you will have to hire a truck to take your money to the bank.
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